Alpine Mountain
Alpine Mountain Candle Double Wick
Alpine Mountain

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Alpine Mountain

Sprigs of fresh cut lavender buds wrap in aromatic pine needle complemented with cinnamon and fir balsam.

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Aromatic herbs brightened with citrus and verdant greens reveal elements of white pine and cypress wrapped with ambered sandalwood, spiced berry highlights, and musk.

Evoke the serene majesty of alpine peaks with the invigorating blend of aromatic herbs, zesty citrus, and lush greens, all cradling the essence of white pine and cypress, cocooned by the warm embrace of ambered sandalwood, accented with spiced berries, and anchored by the gentle caress of musk.


Gold Lid

Embossed jar design

Large Double Wick
Burn Time: Approx. 56 hours | Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 5.25" | Fill Weight: 15.9oz | Weight: 2.6 lbs

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