Care Tips

Candle Care:


Fragrance performance:

If your candle is not releasing a strong fragrance:


Soot issues:

 If you are experiencing excess soot from your candle:

*If you are experiencing excess soot and these suggestions are not working, discontinue use and contact us. 


Cracked candle:

To avoid a crack in your candle:

*Discontinue use if wick clips are exposed or if there is only ¼’’ of wax left in your candle vessel.



Tunneling is more apparent in the initial burn of the candle. Please burn your candle 2-3 times and make sure each burn time is in increments of 3-4 hours to allow wax to pool around the edges of the candle.

If tunneling is still apparent, proceed to burn in 3-4 increments until candle self-corrects.


Wick issues or self-extinguishing flame:

 If flame is self-extinguishing, please wait until wick is cool then loosen the wick fibers by twisting the wick with your fingers and relight.