Zodiac Signs As Candles

Published On Apr 09, 2021

Aries: Aries, like Tobacco Noir, are well loved and have many fans, however they do have a spicy side!

Taurus: The Go-To duo! You can never go wrong relying on a Taurus or the Eucalyptus Mint Leaf candle. Their presence always brings a sense of comfort and peace.

Gemini: If Gemini’s had a catch phrase it would probably be, “go with the flow”. Which is exactly why Gemini’s are the Free Spirit’s of the candle world!

Cancer: Just like the nurturing Cancer, Vanilla & Sugarcane warms your atmosphere with a strong yet comforting aroma. 

Leo: If a Leo was a candle, it would be Lava because it's bold, hard to miss in a room full of people, and wraps you up in an aura of sweetness!

Virgo: The worker-bee Virgo thrives on all things motivating which is why it’s just like the Fresh Brew candle. Both pack a punch and are ready to help you get stuff done!

Libra: If you need a shoulder to lean on, light the Tranquil Lotus candle and call your Libra friend! There is no better pair for a night filled with positive, comforting, energy!

Scorpio: Scorpios and Blood Orange & Patchouli are both hard to read, but they always provide the perfect blend to an environment. 

Sagittarius: Just like the adventurous Sagittarius, Plum & Bordeaux Fig expands the boundaries of fragrance and provides a wonderful experience to anyone it comes across!

Capricorn: Name one sign more clean and organized than a Capricorn? Didn’t think so! Clean Kitchen and Capricorns are here to make sure you feel refreshed and organized!

Aquarius: Just like the free-minded Aquarius, Fresh Air fills an atmosphere with strong and flourishing notes. 

Pisces: Just like the complexity in the fragrance of Crystal Marine, Pisces are deep, emotional, and create a space where reflection and vulnerability are welcomed.