Spring Staff Picks 2019

Published On Mar 25, 2019

1. Exotic Patchouli and Narcissus - Jen (Graphics) - I love this spring scent. It combines earth notes with fresh herbs. Its scent fills the room with spring!

2. Soft PeonyJosh (Social Media) - This candle is all of spring in one little jar. It's a different but special take on a favorite fragrance!

3. Gerber Daisy and PineappleWinnie (Production) - This candle provides your room with a pleasing aroma. I love the simplicity and the sweet smell!

4. Tuberose OudAnthony (Graphics) - It's an amazing bundle of spring freshness. Reminds me of a delightful spring time walk in the park.

5. Lavender HempShawna (Senior Product Development Manager) - I like that it's herbal and not to floral. It's great for relaxing and perfect for spring.

6. Cooling EucalyptusJamie (Product Development) - The final touch after cleaning my apartment. The crisp, eucalyptus leaf supported by a light peppermint note is soothing and makes the room feel extra clean.