Benefits of Burning Candles

Published On Mar 05, 2021

Did you know that burning your favorite candle could actually have more meaning than just having a nice aroma? Lighting a candle in your home not only makes a space more cozy or adds a subtle change in the decor, candles also have many other positive benefits and uses. Here are just a few!

Romance and Ambiance

DW Home - Black Rose and Oud
Candlelight creates a unique ambiance that can really affect the atmosphere of one’s home. Placement of candles also contributes to one of the benefits of burning candles in your home; adding candles in different areas of a room can instantly create a more intimate space that is warm and cozy. You can also create a peaceful and calming ambiance in an office or living area with candles that provide healing properties and ease the mind of stress. They are also the perfect way to set a romantic mood or the double as a great gift for a partner (or just for yourself!). A candlelit dinner with a romantic scent is a way to dim your surroundings and highlight your partner.
Stress Relief: Lavender Chamomile



DW Naturals - Essentials Collection
Candles come in many shapes and styles, they also look great in different areas of your home. Their versatility makes them an easy way to add some style and finishing touches to any room in your home. Candles can create a more home-y feeling in your living room, a spa-like feel in your bathroom, and add a subtle finish to any situation in your dining room or kitchen. They are an essential item to spice up your home decor.
For the rustic, farmhouse style: Charming Farmhouse
A minimalist, clean aesthetic: Typewriter 
Fresh, natural and spa-like feel: DW Naturals 


DW Home Signature - Clean Kitchen
Scented candles add a nice fragrance to any space, they also help rid the air of any unwanted odors. The benefit of this is that candles are all unique and can be a way to set your mood. Create a sense of warmth with woodsy & masculine scents, or freshness with floral & herbal scents. There is a fragrance for every home and every occasion.
Fresh & Spa: Mandarin Mango
Fruit & Citrus: Clean Kitchen 
Wood & Masculine: Palo Santo



DW Home - Zen Collection
Scented candles are more than just for the fragrance and decor, burning candles can also be beneficial for self-care. Some benefits of burning candles have to do with sensory and emotions. This scent-memory can affect the mind in a positive way which is part of taking care of your mental health. Lighting a candle can be the perfect way to create a calm environment, relieve stress from work or even reduce anxiety. If you feel anxious or worried, burning a scent with lavender can help calm the mind and body by releasing hormones in the brain.
The Zen Collection is great for supporting good health in the mind, body & spirit.
Namaste | Jasmine & Chai  
Breathe | Eucalyptus & Rosemary 
Meditate | Saffron & Amber 

Celebration and Remembrance

DW Home Signature - Birthday Cake 
Whether it is a birthday, holiday, or just a need for a celebration, candles are a great gift for a friend, a new home, or even a thank you! There are scents for everyone and every occasion even if it’s just the seasons changing. This also is beneficial for many people as scents are often tied to our memories. Scented candles can remind us of memories that were forgotten or be used for remembrance of loved ones. We often hear about our customers finding comfort in certain scents because it reminded them of a fond memory of the past.