Summer Staff Picks 2021

Published On Jul 16, 2021

Our DW Home Web Team has chosen their favorite SUMMER candles of the season! Let us know what your go-to Summer candle is in the comments!

Amy's favorite Summer candle is Island Breeze & Sunshine!

Amy said, "I smell this candle and am instantly teleported to an island like Maui with a delicious drink in my hand. The scent of coconut pairs perfectly with pineapple. Everyone needs this candle in their life!"


Art's favorite Summer candle is Tropical Sunset!

Art said, "This candle fills my senses with the warmness of a hot summer day"


Claudia's favorite Summer candle is Watermelon Lemonade!

Claudia said, "Watermelon Lemonade is definitely a great summer candle with a little bit of watermelon and citrus, it also reminds me of the watermelon hubbabubba gum!"


Jon's favorite Summer candle is Pineapple Passion!

Jon said, "Pineapple Passion: every time I smell this scent, it takes me back  to Hawaii, relaxing by the pool, feeling the cool ocean breeze, while enjoying sweet, freshly-picked pineapple."


Sam's favorite Summer candle is Island Waterfall!

Sam said, "Island Waterfall has to be my favorite because it reminds me of a fresh, clean resort in Hawaii!" 


Rachel's favorite Summer candle Island Lei!

Rachel said, "My fave summer scent this year is ISLAND LEI from our Summer Signature Sparkle collection. I usually love musky, woodsy scents but with this hot California summer I’ve been reaching for more fresh, green-smelling candles! This one smells like a garden of tropical green plants but has a hint of summer fruits and florals! I guess it really does smell like getting “lei’d” when you hop off the plane in Hawaii. The pink sparkly jar is also gorgeous lit AND unlit!"


Natalie's favorite Summer candle is Amazon Palm!

Natalie said, "I really love the creamy balance between the verbena palm and the warm vanilla musk! Plus, the glitter candles are TOO CUTE!"


Thanks for reading our Summer Staff Picks for 2021! Let us know what your go-to Summer candle is in the comments!