Staying Home with DW Home

Staying Home with DW Home

Over the past year, the world as we know it has paused in its tracks and we have all been advised that we are safer at home. For those of you who have continued working on the frontlines of this pandemic, THANK YOU! Thank you for your bravery, compassion, and motivation to help us through this pandemic.
We've received a heart-warming amount of positive feedback about our candles bringing some light (literally and figuratively) into your homes during this quarantine period. To return the favor, we wanted to suggest some of our favorite "staying at home" activities that pair perfectly with one of our candles!

Cleaning & Organizing

Photo by @brandi.homeandlifestyle via Instagram

Tidying up your space is a great way to improve your mood while staying at home. Cleaning and organizing helps you regain control of your space, clear up your mind, and uplifts your mood! Burning our Fresh Lemon candle after a long cleaning day is the perfect finishing touch to bring life back into your space!

Our clean fragrance suggestions: Lemongrass & Coconut Milk, Peony Petals, Cooling Eucalyptus.

Zoom Call Loved Ones

Photo by @taylorkaplan via Instagram

Whether it’s a spontaneous zoom call, facetime cal,l or a virtual game night, video calling your loved ones can make a weekend at home so much better! Enjoy some time virtually reconnecting with the people in your life while soaking up the selfie light from your favorite DW Home candle! Our friend, Taylor, paired the beloved Lava candle for her morning on Zoom. 

Scents we recommend for video call days: Patchouli & White Ginger, Naked Blackberry, Lava

Treat yourself and Plan your Future

Photo by @_luxxepoutylips_ via Instagram

Grab your favorite desserts, your journal, and your favorite candle for some well deserved you time! Planning out your future whether it be travel goals, career goals, or personal goals is an extremely beneficial way to spend your time at home. We suggest making a vision board using cut outs from magazines, newspapers, or images on the internet! Adding some sweets with a comforting candle, like our Lava candle, will set your mood right!

Scents we recommend for "Me Time": Rose Ganache, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Bean.

Working from Home

Photo by DW Home's Social Media Manager

Since working from home is the new normal for many people, we recommend boosting your day with a delicious candle. Furry Winnie enjoys the Fresh Brew candle while her owner plans content days and social media posts!

Scents we recommend while working from home: Cucumber Melon, Vanilla Coffee, Calming Waves.

Yoga and Meditation

Photo by the DW Home Social Media Team

During these rather unsettling times, it’s important to give your mind and body the love it needs! Yoga, meditation, or just simple stretching regularly can benefit your mental health, reduce your stress levels, and bring clarity to your mind. Our Zen Collection brings soothing fragrances to enhance your meditation period.

Scents we recommend for an energizing yoga session: Energize, Balance, Meditate.

Take a Bath

Photo by @lookatmybath via Instagram

Staying at home gives you the perfect opportunity to put some effort into your bath, like our friend @lookatmybath on Instagram! Baths help you breathe easier, they promote blood flow, and they relax your body after a long day. Light up your favorite candle and start your bath for a rejuvenating evening!

Scents we recommend for a relaxing bath: Relaxing Lavender, Breathe, Soothing Sea.



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