Spring 2020 Staff Picks

Published On Mar 10, 2020

Pineapple Koa is the perfect combination of warm and woodsy notes complemented by sweet and tropical accents. -Jon

Garden Mint & Verbena is the most refreshing scent that is bright and gentle. Not only is it cute but the subtle hints of mint and citrus could bring any room to life. -Iesa

Boho Rose is my go to floral fragrance that isn’t overly sweet and packs a punch. -Alex

Orange Poppy smells fresh and floral but still sweet and warm. It smells like it's sweet, but not sticky... if that makes sense. I'll be burning this bad boy all month long. -Rachel

Blue Aloe is somewhere in between fresh and floral but also sweet and fruity. I'm at a loss for words for how good this smells. -Josh

Jasmine & Gardenia is my go to candle for this season because it reminds me of a warm sunny spring day outside. It’s light, airy, and has the perfect amount of floral fragrance. I can’t wait to burn it all spring -Maddie

Rhubarb Melon captivates the cool feeling of fresh cucumbers and melon with a bit of sweet sugary rhubarb, mixed with pineapple. Perfect for Spring. -Guilbert

This Ninety Six Sandalwood Rose candle is a luxurious blend of darkness and ultra-floral rose bringing luscious comfort and elegance to any home. -Jessica

Sea Salt & Lily is the best mixture of fresh, clean, ocean notes with a floral twist. It creates the perfect atmosphere for spring cleaning. -Keith

Peony & Rose has the perfect amount of floral and tropical scents with subtle hints of hibiscus. It’s definitely one of my spring faves. -Judy

Apple Blossom from the Charming Farmhouse collection is a sweet floral candle that reminds me of springtime flowers blooming in the front yard.  The coconut wax, beautiful color and delightful jar makes this one of my favorite candles of the season. -Bailey

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