Spring 2019 Favorite Floral Fragrances

Published On Mar 19, 2019

Hand-picked floral selections to help you get spring started on a fresh note.

1. Blooming Daffodil and Lilac from Ninety Six - Blooming daffodils accented by soft lilac petals with hints of purple pansy, precious woods and sheer vanilla musk. 

2. Fresh Lavender & Geranium from the Hidden Meadows collection - French lavender blossoms and pink geranium blossoms combine with warm woodland moss, complemented by English chamomile, blooming marigold, wild greens, and hints of warm ambered woods.

3. Apple Blossom from the Charming Farmhouse collection - Ripe red Fuji apple, sweet blossoms, and hints of crisp green apple accented with soft, white jasmine petals and rose.

4. Fresh Cut Gardenia from the Signature Classics collection - Sun-kissed gardenia petals infused with blooming jasmine flowers.

5. Peony Petals from the Signature Floral collection - Sparkling sunny blend of dew covered peony illuminated by crisp notes of garden rose, sugared fresia and bright marigold.

6. White Rose from the Signature collection - Leafy green sea grass breezes through the fresh floralcy of white rose, luminious pink sea salt balanced with musk.