Fragrance 101

Published On Jul 10, 2017

Hi fans! So, we just held a very cool, informative, full-office meeting. Here at DW Home candles, we make sure that all employees have a thorough understanding about candles and discuss the many specific properties that make up a candle.  This meeting discussed the topic of Fragrance.  We learned about the history of fragrance, their properties, the manufacturing processes, the current applications of fragrance, and a forward look into trends regarding fragrance. 

Not only did we discuss and go into detail about fragrance, but we were able to smell the individual fragrance notes that build each of our complex fragrances.  By having individual fragrances we were able to break down the structure of each scent, and easily categorize the top, middle, and bottom  notes of each particular fragrance. 

To end our fragrance meeting, we applied everything we learned, and of course we held a test😉. In this test, employees were given 5 fragrance groups that had to be identified.  We gave everyone 3 fragrance samples per group and they had to identify the different fragrance.  Only 10% of people who take the test get a score of 4-5 out of 5 correct and everyone in the DW Home office did exceptionally well.  Our fragrance experts were amazed by the result.  IF anyone knows fragrance, DW Home employees definitely do.