Black-Owned Businesses We Love

Published On Feb 26, 2021

In honor of Black History Month, we wanted to encourage all of you to share, shop, or support a Black-owned business! Below are lists of some fantastic Black-owned businesses in the home fragrance, wellness, and decor industries.
Please feel free to shout-out your favorite Black-owned business(es) in the comments below. 

Home Fragrance
Sun Moon Rising
Sensual Candle Co
Joe + Monroe candles 
Unlax candles
228 Grant street candle co
Posh candle co
Nice scent candle co
Antik Lakay
Good Day scents

Wellness + Self Care
Lumi Bloom
Tracey’s Facey’s
Heal Haus
Rooted Woman
Nuele hair
Bandy Cheeks
Divine Individual
Body Love LLC


    Thank you for reading along and we hope this encourages you to shop Black-owned businesses. Don't forget to shout out your favorite Black-owned business(es) in the comments below!