New Signature Collection - Color Story

Published On Jan 17, 2019

Blue AloeBlue aloe and blooming cactus blossom radiate with brilliant blue ozone

Lavender Hemp - An aromatic composition of crushed hemp leaves warmed with flowering lavender and smooth clary sage, and moss.

Orange PoppyA rich bouquet of blooming scarlet poppy, orange blossom, and sweet jasmine wrapped in the warm earthy patchouli, white musk, and cedar

Sandy FigGreen fig leaves and sweet fig fruit gleam with earthy cedarwood, amber and ethereal musk

Pink Pear - Crisp Anjou pear, sweet Macintosh apple and a dash of  sugar cane swirled with exotic pineapple fruit

White OrchidExotic orchid laced with shimmering bergamot, dewy moss, and white sage

Yellow YuzuVibrant yuzu zest and pink grapefruit gently salted with Himalayan sea salt, accented with citrus blossom, lemon bark, and sweet sugar cane