Vanilla Latte
Vanilla Latte

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Vanilla Latte



    If you like the smell of coffee this is the candle for you!

    This is the perfect AUTHENTIC coffee smell with just the hint of sweetness from the vanilla. Makes me feel like I am sitting all cozy in a cafe somewhere.

    Also the throw is insane, 15/10. It even scented up the closet we had it stored in before we even lit it.

    If you get any candle from DW I recommend this one.

    Also the wood wick is a nice little touch and if sitting near it, it sounds like a mini crackling fire.

    Could not rave about this candle enough!

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  • I love this candle!

    This candle smells amazing! I burn this candle in the morning and it fills my house with its beautiful scent. It's the perfect start for every morning. My house smells like a quaint coffee shop when I'm burning this candle.

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  • Addicting scent

    This scent smells so good & delicious!

    And I really like that it’s a wood wick too!

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  • Great candle!

    Love the wood wick and it smells exactly like a latte. Very cozy vibes.

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  • Love this candle!

    Love, love, love!!!

    Makes my whole house smell warm and cozy! Perfect fall and winter scent!

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Vanilla sugar, vanilla bean and steamed milk stirred with dark roast coffee.


Wooden wick candle

Burn Time: Approx. 33 hours | Dimensions:

Fill Weight: 15.4 oz | Weight: 2.4 lbs

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