Cotton Candy Clouds
Cotton Candy Clouds Candle Single Wick
Cotton Candy Clouds

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Cotton Candy Clouds

A delicious fusion of sweet notes, featuring sun-blushed Hawaiian pineapple and delectable mango, with hints of guava. The sweetness is balanced by the tartness of mandarin, while touches of tropical sugar cane add a refreshing element to the scent.

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Pink sugar, sweet vanilla, and bright red strawberry accented with hints of fresh- picked raspberry for a fruity, sugary cotton candy fragrance. 


Tapered Glass Jar With Silicone Lid Accent

Large Single Wick

Burn Time: Approx. 33 hours | Dimensions: 4.00" x 6.5"

Fill Weight: 11.2oz | Weight: 2.0 lbs

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Starts At $18.00

Starts At $18.00