How To Repurpose Empty Candle Jars


Freezer Method:

Place your finished candle in the freezer overnight or until it is frozen. Use a knife to carve out remaining wax. Use a paper towel with warm water to wipe out any leftover wax from the inside of the jar.

Boiling Method:

If you are having a hard time getting the wax out of your candle jar, then this method will work the best for you! Boil water, carefully pour into the jar, and gently stir the boiling water in the jar. Stir until the wax has melted from the sides of the vessel. Allow the water to cool, throw out the wax, and drain the leftover water. Finish off by washing the jar with warm water and soap, and wiping away any leftover wax.

Oven Method:

If you have multiple jars you would like to repurpose, then this method is fast and easy! Carve out as much wax as you can using a knife. Heat your oven to 180 degrees and place a double layer of tinfoil on a baking pan. Place the candles upside down on the baking pan and let them heat in the oven for 15 minutes. The wax will drain out onto the tinfoil, making it easy to discard the wax. Carefully grab the warm vessel with a thick towel and wipe away any wax residue with a paper towel. Allow the vessels to cool down then clean them out with warm water and soap, wiping away any leftover wax.  

Now that you've got a clean, beautiful jar, here are some of our favorite ways to repurpose:

  • A home for your favorite indoor plant
  • Storage for pens, pencils, art materials, etc.
  • On your vanity for makeup brushes, cotton balls, cotton swabs
  • A candy bowl on your countertop or coffee table
  • A festive vase for fresh cut flowers or ferns
  • A piggy bank to save up coins 

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